America's Boating Club - Rockville History

In the early 1970's, a number of Potomac River Power Squadron members recognized the need for a squadron to serve the needs of boat enthusiast in the rapidly expanding area of Montgomery County. A proposal for the Rockville Power Squadron was formulated and was endorsed by the Potomac River Power Squadron and the Northern Virginia, Prince Georges, and Hagerstown Power Squadrons.

On 15 March 1972, D/5 Cdr William D. Seldon , AP presented the RPS charter to 32 founding members, some of whom are active in our squadron today. In 1989 Cdr Seldon rose to become Chief Commander of USPS. This year marks USPS' 75th anniversary.

The first issue of the SKIPJACK, edited by Joseph P. Laehy, JN, appeared in January 1973. A contest for the design of the RPS burgee was held, and the winning design was accepted and approved by D/5 and National later that year.

On 11 February 2003, members approved a by-laws change which changed the name to Rockville Sail and Power Squadron (RSPS).

RSPS was awarded the D/5 Caraville Award for teaching advanced classes in 2004 and 2005. In 2006 RSPS won the D/5 Henry E. Sweet Award for excellence in Education. Also in 2006, members of the Hagerstown, Maryland Squadron voted to disband and transfer memberships into RSPS. Approval was granted at the February 2007 USPS Governing Board.

At the 2008 D5 Education Conference, the Rockville Sail and Power Squadron received recognition for many achievements. The top prize was the Prince Henry the Navigator Award. This is presented for best educational performance by a squadron in celestial navigation courses (JN and N). Thanks to the dedication of P/C Jon Van Winkle, SN and a determined bunch of students we had 10 graduates for the JN course, giving us the highest percentage of members passing a celestial navigation course. The RSPS also received Second Place honors for the Caravel Award (Seamanship, Piloting, and Advanced Piloting) and Third Place for the Henry Sweet Award for all educational programs combined. RSPS was the first recipient of the District 5 Seamanship Award. This award was created in memory of Kenneth G. Smith, SN to recognize the top squadron in the Seamanship course.

In 2017 

RSPS Past Commanders


2019-2021   Paula Sind-Prunier, P
2018-2019   Gilbert Rose, P
2017-2018   Brian Reed, JN
2016-2017   Julien Hofberg, JN, VE
2014-2016   Stephen Permison, JN, VE
2013-2014 Craig Floyd, JN, VE
2012-2013 Charles Wells, SN, VE
2011-2012 Paul Mermelstein, SN
2010-2011 Denise Allen, JN
2009-2010 Alan Karpas, JN, VE
2008-2009 Jeff McKinney, JN, VE
2007-2008 Joseph Gibson, AP, VE
2006-2007 Ted Weiner, AP
2004-2006 Michael B. Gegner, AP
2003-2004 Jenny Norris, P
2002-2003 Harleigh P. Ewell, JN
2001-2002 A. Kenton Williams, P
2000-2001 Arthur A. Wykes, AP
1999-2000 Barry Jellet, P
1998-1999 Donald M. Heaney, AP
1997-1998 Barbara A. Schantz, P
1996-1997 Frank A. Leone, AP
1995-1996 Robert A. Stein, AP
1994-1995 Terry L. Green, JN
1993-1994 Catherine V. Johns, AP
1992-1993 Dennis M. Krizek, AP
1991-1992 Frank G. Zizlavsky, AP
1990-1991 Robert A. Hamed, AP
1989-1990 D. Roger Picard, P
1987-1989 Jack E. Fancher II, AP
1986-1987 Donald K. Carl, AP
1984-1986 James S. DuFief, AP
1983-1984 Joseph A. Dugan, AP
1982-1983 Norman L. Bowman, Jr., AP
1981-1982 Robert W. Swain, N
1980-1981 G. William Rose, AP
1979-1980 C. Edward Wise, AP
1978-1979 Stanley D. Rasberry, N
1977-1978 Joseph P. Leahy, JN
1976-1977 John P. Ebelink, N
1975-1976 Edward R. Berman, AP
1974-1975 David M. Butts, AP
1972-1974 Jerome P. Siok, AP